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Watch The Possession Online in which an elderly woman is badly after a fire in his own home. The only hospital gets babble that hates the box, but no one knows what refers. Days later, women organized a street market in the garden of his house and sells small Emily and her father box which both loathes.
Watch The Possession Online from that moment begin to strange events occur: the House is filled with bugs, small increasingly looks worse, rats attacking one of his teachers... The father of Emily suspected that the box has something to do, so visit a Rabbi who tells them that the girl is possessed.
Watch The Possession Online In a telephone interview the director Sam Raimi (responsible for the 'Spider-Man' trilogy) spoke of some issues relating to 'The Possession (the origin of evil)', tape in which exercises as a producer through his production company Ghost House Pictures. The company also produces the remake of 'Evil Dead' (film made by the filmmaker at the end of the Decade of the seventies).


Watch The Possession Online Raimi, who is currently immersed in a fantasy world 'Oz' post-production, spoke of the Danish director Ole Bornedal, who becomes 'The Possession' after the cameras: "it has a very marked style, is a great director who has made a lot of movies." His works are the type of film that Ghost House like produce. "Supernatural horror that of other films I really like, and that is what decided me to do when creating the company."


Watch The Possession Online the director also commented on some aspects of this production that a girl is possessed by a demonic entity: "Juliet Snowden and Stiles White have written a good script". "This is a story based on real events and basically focuses in a broken family in two, that will have to find the strength to rejoin you and defeat the evil in their hearts."

Watch The Possession Online raimi was also asked about the new project of his production company, the remake of its tape of cult 'Evil Dead': "I have seen the piece without the installation of the director, when they were only two weeks of filming, and I must say that you feel me great." It is frightening and leaves you amazed, I think it is going to be a great movie. It also has great performances by the performers.


Watch The Possession Online "The public has evolved and can not give what you have already seen a thousand times, so I think very well that had been given a new touch to the story." 'The Possession' is starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick and Natasha Calis. The tape reaches Uonited States on 31 August.

Watch The Possession Online The House of an old woman is fire. Already in the hospital, the believe insane. They spend the days and garden items at a flea market, will be there where a girl and her father to buy the above box and take home. They then begin. The girl will be gradually consumed and staying in the bones, as if something were killing her from within, an evil that la eats and not the will no longer escape.

Watch The Possession Online The Danish director Ole Bornedal returned to the international market with this chilling horror film, whose story is based on the yiddish folklore, produced by Sam Raimi and starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('Watchmen'), Natasha Calis (the lid) and Kyra Segwick .




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